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Dr. Suresh B Babu - Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae


Consultant Interventional Radiologist

City Hospital, Birmingham

West Midlands

Honorary Senior Lecturer

University of Birmingham

College Tutor, Radiology

City Hospital, Birmingham

Name Suresh B Babu

Address Radiology Dept, City Hospital, Dudley Road, Birmingham

Date of Birth 26 May 1970

Contact details 07914361248

Citizenship: British

Registration Full GMC Registration 4594350 with CCST in Radiology

Membership Royal College of Radiologists

British Institute of Radiology

Qualifications MBBS achieved honours Feb 1993

MRCP Nov 1998

DMRD May 2001

FRCR November 2002

Medals Dr Rai’s Radiology Gold Medal 1991

Dr Samuel Jesudoss Memorial Prize in Pharmacology 1989

Schooling Secondary school leaving

With 85% in Science and Maths 1985

Higher Secondary 1987

Distinction in Physics, Chemistry and Biology

First place in School in Higher Secondary Exam

Certificates in essay writing, typewriting

President’s Scout of Honour

Medical School University of Madras

Madras Medical College

Aug 1987 – Feb 1992

Radiology Career

Consultant Interventional Radiologist in City Hospital, Birmingham from 18 July 2005

July 04 – June 05 Clinical Fellowship

Fellow in Abdominal Intervention and Imaging

Vancouver General Hospital(University of British Columbia) Vancouver, Canada

5th Year Aug 03 – June 04

North Cheshire Hospitals NHS Trust. Trainer: Dr Rosbotham-Williams

Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Trainers: Drs Evans & Meakin

Subspeciality Module: Interventional Radiology

4th Year Aug 02 – Aug 03

Halton General Hospital, Runcorn Cheshire Trainer: Dr Rosbotham-Williams

Royal Liverpool University Hospital Trainers: Drs Evans & Meakin

Subspeciality Module: Interventional Radiology

3rd Year Aug 01 – Aug 02

Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery Trainer: Dr Nixon

University Hospital Aintree, Fazakerley, England Trainers: Drs White & Curtis

Whiston Hospital NHS Trust, St Helens Trainer: Dr Herbert

2nd Year Aug 00 – Aug 01

University Hospital Aintree, Fazakerley, England Trainers: Drs White & Curtis

Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Liverpool Trainers: Drs Meakin & Hughes

Royal Liverpool Children’s Hospital, Alder Hey Trainer: Dr Wright

1st Year Aug 99 – Aug 00

Arrowe Park Hospital, Wirral, England Trainer: Dr. Williamson

Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Liverpool Trainers: Drs Meakin & Hughes

Training in Radiology began on 1st September 1999.

Mersey Deanery National Training Number MER/080/001

City Hospital and Sandwell Hospital, Birmingham, 18th July 2005-to date

I work as a Consultant Radiologist with interest in Interventional Radiology. I work 4 days a week in City Hospital and a day in Sandwell Hospital, West Midlands. I do 3 full interventionals Sessions, 1 MRI, 1 CT, 1 Ultrasound and Plain films. I do adhoc Interventional sessions and cover other interventional radiologist absences. I do all interventional procedures and have started doing Vertebroplasty and Carotid Stenting. I have put in the business case for Radiofrequency ablation of Liver and Renal tumours. I teach and train the Radiology registrars rotation through West Midlands Radiology Training Scheme. I actively participate in Urology, GI and Interventional MDT’s. I do a variety of procedures including peripheral interventional work, Venous intervention, central line insertions, Carotid stenting, Aortic Stent grafting(underway), Vertebroplasty, Radiofrequency ablations of tumours, colonic stenting, renal intervention, biliary intervention, Endovascular Aneurysm Repair and Spinal intervention.

I am also interested in developing further skills in Cardiac MR imaging and Cardiac CT.

I have actively participated in the Audit meetings in addition to contributing to it. I have received appreciation from Clinical Sub Dean for the undergraduate teaching. I am currently doing two research projects and submitted a Funding application for a different research project.

I proactively teach the Registrars undergoing the rotation and I am taking up the appointment of Clincal Tutor post based in City Hospital from October 2006.

From Scratch, I have developed new services in City and Sandwell Hospitals including Endovascular Aneurysm Repair, Carotid Stenting, Vertebroplasty and Radiofrequency Ablation of the Tumours.

Vancouver General Hospital(Univeristy of British Columbia) July 2004 – Jun 05

Abdominal Intervention and Imaging.

I have done a 4month rotatation in GI and GU intervention. During this, I do all nonvascular GI and Gu interventional cases. I do percutaneous nephrolithotomies, nephrostamies, radiofrequency ablation of tumours,internal/external ureteric stenting, biliary intervention, gastrostomies and complex drainages. I also supervise the resident in the department. I also do regular teaching for the residents and attend weekly GI and GU multidisciplinary meetings.

Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Liverpool 1 Mar 2004 – 30 Jun 2003

Interventional Radiology:

During this attachment, I was doing all interventional radiological cases that came through the department. These included both vascular and non-vascular interventional cases and these comprised of varying complexity. During these time, my confidence in doing interventional radiology increased and I had good feedback from the Consultant Staff.

North Cheshire Hospitals, Warrrington and Halton 1 Sept 2003 – 28 Feb 2004

During this attachment, I led the chest radiology meetings at Warrington and the medical meetings at Halton. In addition, I participated in SHO teaching programmes in Halton. I was mentor for one of the radiographers who was learning plain film reporting in conjunction with the University of Salford. I had one intervention list, one ultrasound list, one MRI session at Warrington, two plain films reporting sessions, two mixed screening lists and two CT sessions. I spent one afternoon at The Royal Liverpool University Hospital and one afternoon at The Countess of Chester Hospital learning Intervention.

I submitted 4 scientific paper abstracts and 3 scientific poster abstracts for UKRC 2004 – Manchester, UK

Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Liverpool 1 Mar 2003 – 31 Aug 2003

Intereventional Radiology:

In this placement, I did a six-month Interventional Radiology Speciality Module. This consisted of 4 sessions a week. I have been doing diagnostic angiography, trans jugular liver biopsies, percutaneous biliary Intervention, nephrostomies, vessel embolisation, stenting and angioplasties under supervision and as a primary operator.

I have submitted 3 Abstracts for Scientific Presentations for the RSNA 2003.

I have been actively teaching the Radiology Registrars. This involved film teaching on Monday afternoons, active supervision of juniors and continous informal teaching. During this time I had also taught A+E SHO’s and Medical SHOs preparing for MRCP.

During this time I regularly taught radiographers on the CT course at Univerisity of Wales, Bangor at Wrexham. This is an ongoing commitment.

Halton General Hospital, Runcorn, Cheshire 1 Sep 2002 – 28 Feb 2003

Shortly after the initiation of this rotational placement, I passed the final FRCR examination.

I had two interventional radiology sessions with Dr Murphy when I had the opportunity to assist in complex interventional cases. I carried out my own diagnostic angiograms, biopsies (ultrasound guided) and fluoroscopy-guided procedures. I had assisted in 2 graft thrombectomies. I carried out one MRI and two CT sessions. I reported most of these films. I did 3 plain films reporting sessions including one Hot Reporting. During my ultrasound session, I did a general list which also included fine needle aspirations and biopsies under ultrasound guidance.

I attended 3 lunchtime clinical-radiological meetings. I have participated in surgical audit meetings. I regularly contributed cases at these meetings.

During my 2 half days, I had observed vertebroplasties performed by Dr Whitehouse in Manchester Royal Infirmary, Manchester.

I had also undertaken a Personal Development Kit course run by Learndirect. This course involves modules regarding Time Management, Team Working, Communication Skills and Planning Skills. I am planning on taking 3 more courses involving presentation skills and business management skills.

Regular teaching at Hospital SHO/House Officer Teaching Programmes with good feedback.

During this time, I have secured a Fellowship in Abdominal Imaging and Intervention at University of British Columbia (Vancouver General Hospital) Vancouver, Canada. This fellowship involves 4 months of Intervention, 4 months of CT/MR and 4 months of Ultrasound. This is due to start in July 2004.

Clinical Training

Medical Registrar/Senior SHO August 1998 - August 1999

Dept Of Medicine

Warrington Hospitals NHS Trust

Warrington, England

Senior House Officer 5 Aug 1998 – 19 Aug 1998

Dept of Medicine and Care of the Elderly

University Hospital of Wales

Cardiff, Wales

Senior House Officer August 1996 – August 1998

Dept of Medicine

Bassetlaw Hospital NHS Trust

Worksop, England

Senior House Officer September 1993 – April 1996

Dept of Cardiology

GKNM Hospital

Coimbatore, India

SHO in General Practice June 1993 – August 1993

Ennor Surgery

Ennor, Madras

House Officer February 1992 – February 1993

University of Madras

Madras Medical College and Govt General Hospital, Madras

Synopsis of Skills Gained Pre-Radiology

Experience in the management of acute medical emergencies and Inpatients

Experience in conducting day –to-day ward rounds and supervising house officers and SHOs

Ability of perform without supervision - Temporary pacemaker insertions, liver biopsies, pleural biopsies, pericardiocentesis, paracentesis, insertion of central lines, lumbar punctures, rectal biopsies, rigid sigmoidoscopies, Sengstaken tube insertion and other day-to-day procedures

Have done 3 clinical audits relevant to various specialities with discussion in audit meetings, one on asthma treatment efficacies, stay after stroke and door to needle time for coronary thrombolysis.

Experience in general medical, geriatric, diabetic, gastroenterology, endocrine, cardiology, and chest clinics. Some were done without supervision

Wrote a review paper on management of Parkinson’s disease for circulation for regional general practitioners

Involvement in teaching SHOs, House officers, Medical Students and Nurses in training

Supervised and taught common medical procedures to juniors

Had been part of local hospital and social structures: Doctors Mess president for one year and as a local junior representative for BMA for one year


Case Report

A case report of ‘ Spontaneous tumour seeding of the percutaneous nephrostomy tract by a lower ureteric squamous cell carcinoma’ has been accepted for publishing in Clincal Radiology in February 2004.

Inner Visions - Duck on Water – Radiographics Accepted 23 Nov 2005

1. S. Babu, P. Rangr, G. Boeckeler - Spontaneous Pneumomediastinum 2001, July 18

2. S. Babu, C. Smith, N. Wright, L Abernethy - Hypothalamic Hamartoma 2001, August

3. S. Babu, N. Wright - Virchow-Robin 2001, July 18

4. S. Babu, P. Rangr, B. Pizer, N. Wright - Primitive Neuroectodermal tumour 2001, June

5. S. Babu, N. Wright, D. Pilling - Posterior Urethral 2001 July 23

6. M. Vishwanath, S. Babu, N. Wright – 2001Aug 10

7. G. Boeckeler, J. Whalley, M. Tawil, S. Babu - Aneurysm of the vein of Galen 2001June 29

Scientific Paper Presentations

1. RSNA – Chicago 2003 “Coding” abnormal barium enema reports – a simple and effective way to minimise overlooked reports.

S.B. Babu, S.J. McCallum, J. Randles, M.L. Hughes, C.J. Garvey.

2. European Congress of Radiology (ECR) – Vienna 2004 Transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt in the treatment of ectopic varices secondary to portal hypertension

S. B. Babu, R. Saravanan, M. Nayar, P. Rowlands, R. McWilliams, H. Smart, M. Lombard

3. European Congress of Radiology (ECR) – Vienna 2004 Transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunting (TIPSS): Eleven year experience in a regional referral centre

S. B. Babu, M. Nayar, R. Saravanan, P. Rowlands, R. McWilliams, H. Smart, M. Lombard

4. Radiofrequency Ablation of the Tumours – Presented in American Association of Liver Surgeons – May 2005


1. S. Babu, D. White, P. Jones, H. Lewis-Jones - Normal Variants of Liver

Won the ‘Highly Commended’ award in the RAD Magazine poster prize at the United Kingdom Radiological Congress, London2001

2. S. Babu, P. Rangr, J. Curtis - Imaging Tracheal LesionsPresented at UKRC, London 2001

3. H. Lewis-Jones, S. Niven, S. Babu, N. Barnes - Imaging strategies in oropharyngeal cancerPresented at UKRC, London 2001

4. P. Rangr, S. Babu, J. Karani, J, Curtis - The Radiology of Haemoglobinopathies

Presented at UKRC, London 2001

5. S. Babu, S. Chakroborty, J. Curtis, D. White, H. Lewis-Jones, The Radiology of the Orbit, Presented at UKRC, Birmingham 2002.

6. A. Thimmarayappa, S. Babu, H. Carty, J. Curtis. Mediastinal Masses in Children: A Pictorial Review. Presented at UKRC, Birmingham 2003.

7. S. B. Babu, R. Saravanan, M. Nayar, P. Rowlands, R. McWilliams, H. Smart, M. Lombard. Transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt in the treatment of ectopic varices secondary to portal hypertension EPOS – Electronic Poster Presentation. ECR – Vienna 2004.

8. S. B. Babu, M. Nayar, R. Saravanan, P. Rowlands, R. McWilliams, H. Smart, M. Lombard. Transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunting(TIPSS): Eleven year experience in a regional referral centre. EPOS – Electronic Poster Presentation. ECR – Vienna 2004.

Clinical Audits

January 2000 – I did a Clinical Audit with Dr Lipton, which was presented in the Department Audit Meeting. The audit was done to evaluate the missed carcinomas on the barium enema.

June 2002 – I have also done clinical audit into the Spiral CT and its usefulness in diagnosing other conditions when scanning for pulmonary embolism. This was presented in the departmental meeting in Whiston Hospital.

Experimental Research:

As a part of Vancouver General Hospital and University of British Columbia, I am doing experiments on Pig’s Liver and Assessment of various Radiofrequency Ablation Probes. We have completed experiments on 6 pigs and we are assessing the data. I am doing this study for Dr Stephen Ho and Mr Andrew Buczkowski.


Presented a 20 min presentation on Barium Swallow appearances of Oesophageal disorders to the Hospital Grand Round at University Hospital Aintree, LIverpool. (Nov 2000)

I conducted an audit of MRI versus shoulder arthroscopy with Dr Eyes. I presented this on 23rd January 2001 at departmental Audit Meeting at University Hospital Aintree, Liverpool.

I have presented a clinical audit on CT pulmonary angiograms at the Audit Meeting, Whiston Hospital, St Helens – November 2002.

I did two oral presentations at the Annual Poster and Presentation Competition held in the University of Liverpool. I was runner up in the best oral presentation. (June 2003)

I have presented a paper entitled “Coding” abnormal barium enema reports – a simple and effective way to minimise overlooked reports’ to the Radiological Society of North America, Chicago, USA (December 2003)

I have presented two papers on retrospective assessment of TIPS procedures at European Congress of Radiology, Vienna(March 2004)

19 Oct 2005 Vertebroplasty – Rheumatology Clinical Governance Meeting

28 Oct 2005 Vertebroplasty – Orthopaedics Clinical Governance Meeting

16 Nov 2005 Vetebroplasty – Geriatric Divisional Meeting, City Hospital

30 Nov 2005 Vertebroplasty – What is new and what is possible? West Midlands Rheumatology Forum


Lecturer in Dept of Radiography, University of Wales, Bangor at Wrexham (2003-2004)

Regular teaching for Junior Radiology Registrars and other departmental junior medical staff. In addition, I have been teaching A+E SHO’s and Medical SHO’s preparing for MRCP at Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Liverpool and North Cheshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

Mentor for Radiographer Reporting course for University of Salford at North Cheshire Hospitals NHS Trust.


  1. Examiner for Aintree Part 2B FRCR course, Liverpool, Merseyside

  2. Examiner for Coventry Part 2B FRCR course, Coventry, West Midlands

Honorary Senior Lecturer for University of Birmingham

I have been appointed for the above post commencing 13 October 2005 for 3 years.

Course Organiser

Currently, this is the only National course on Sedation/Analgesia for professionals.

Conscious Sedation Course , first course - 7thFeb 2006(Good Feedback)

2nd Course – 6th June 2006(Good Feedback)

Committee Membership

British Society of Interventional Radiology – Audit and Registries 2006-2009

Clinical PACS Users Group


2-4 Nov 2005 British Society of Interventional Radiologists, Brighton UK

March- April 2006 – Society of Interventional Radiologists, Toronto, Canada


22 Nov 2005 – Glasgow Vertebroplasty Course

Royal Navy Reserve

I am part of Royal Navy Reserve and intend to serve the Navy as a Radiologist when there is a need. I have joined the Royal Navy Reserve in Sept 2002. I would be expected to provide medical support to the Royal Navy and other services in times of stretch, tension, disaster or war.

HMS Biter

I was deployed for a short time in HMS Biter in July 2003. I worked as an officer candidate during this time. It was very interesting and challenging time. The deployment involved various tasks such as scrubbing decks, cooking, cleaning, navigation, pilotage, communications, ceremonies, shift duties, maintenance duties and conning. This also provided me with an immense opportunity to get know and socialise with fellow personnel from HMS Biter, Charger and Express.

Admiralty Interview Board

AIB determines the suitability for a career in the Royal Navy or Royal Marines as an officer. This Board looks for a good effective intellect, leadership potential, character, personality and the motivation to join.

The Board involved a demanding 3 days. There were multiple psychometric tests, the General and Service knowledge tests, and the summary and essay. The Psychometric tests included Verbal tests, Analogies, Nonverbal tests, numeracy tests, numerical reasoning tests, statistical interpretation, Instructions test and directions/distance test.

Gym tasks and Discussion exercise assessed whole gamut of skills. Interviews with Board members and Personnel Selection Officers are the final part of the selection process.

I did the AIB on 16,17 and 18th of September 2003. Board President Col. Denning provided a good feedback and I was delighted to pass this difficult and arduous test.

Currently I am designated as Acting Sub Lieutenant based in HMS Forward, Birmingham.


Develop further skills in Cardiac MR and CT imaging.

Brief Work Experience:

Vascular Interventional Radiology

Central Venous Access


Diagnostic Angiography, Selective, central and peripheral)


Angioplasties, Subintimal Angioplasties, Stenting(peripheral) EVAR


Thrombolysis, IVC filter


Embolisation, Chemoembolization




Interventional Uroradiology

Renal tract Access


Ureteric Dilatation/Stent insertion


Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy


Varicocoele Embolisation


Radiofrequency Ablation


Gastrointestinal Intervention

GI Dilatations and Stents


Transjugular/plugged Liver Biopsy


Percutaneous Gastrostomy


Percutaneous Biliary Procedures


Ablations(Alcohol, RF)


Vertebroplasty 26

Spine Biopsies 22 Discograms 10

Carotid Angiograms; 42 Carotid Stenting: 13(5 as first operator under the supervision of Prof Sievert, St Katherinen Krankenhaus, Frankfurt)

Cerebral Aneurysm Coiling: 7